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At Prospect Housing and Support Services, we’re passionate about independent living - giving vulnerable adults and people with disabilities the same choice, freedom and control over their lives as anyone else. So with Prospect Housing, you won’t just get the support you need: you’ll also get the support you want.

Please click on the links below to find out more about the services we offer for people of different ages:

Young Prospect

For young people aged 18 to 30

Services for Adults

A range of residential, supported living, and outreach services for people over the age of 18

We believe that the people we support, and their families and carers, are the best people to choose which of our services meet their individual needs. And as you’ll see from our website, we can offer support with everything from housing, transport and health and social care to education and training, and help with finding employment.


"Our daughter is going to a regular place where she is learning  everyday skills in a fun way that she enjoys; where she has choice and is being encouraged to do things for herself instead of being "looked after"; where she can make friends of her own instead of depending on us and this is fantastic." Parent 2014









Independent living also means being part of the local community, and being active in family, social and civic life. So we run a full programme of activities and special-interest groups within Prospect Housing, and help the people we support make friends and contacts in their wider community.

What’s important is that with Prospect Housing, independent living doesn’t mean being left to fend for yourself. Our wonderfully dedicated, caring team provide constant help and support to each individual, their families and carers, and work closely with other professionals. Because at Prospect Housing, it’s not just quality of service that counts. It’s quality of life.